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Palawan Excapade

Puerto Princesa,Palawan aka The Queen of the Port. A Place full of promising cultures and delicious seafoods. This place is Spectacular! According to their Legend, Puerto Princesa was named after a beautiful Princess that was seen in the Port. But some folklore and according to their history, it was named as the Queen of the Port since it has stable water in which ships can safely anchor their sails because of its U-shaped port. It aids and  stabilizes unnecessary current in the water.

Travelling is easy in Palawan. Airport is located at Puerto Princesa itself.


Guards are very hospitable to all visitors and travellers. People are very accomodating especially regarding Tourism promotion.

Also, 1 of the 7 wonders of the world is found in Palawan. The breath-taking underground river, a must place to be indeed.


It is a once in a lifetime experience, it is an amazing spot. It is so wonderful and beautiful. This mysterious river is lying below a mountain, it is worth to see and to experience. You can never imagine an extra ordinary art inside this river.

Aside from Underground River, there are many wonderful in Palawan. Aside from Puerto Princesa, you can travel to the famous El Nido. In which Island hopping is the best thing to do. Island hoping at its best. You will experience great and clear waters.


Many Foreigns and locals people love this amazing place. For once in my life I can say, Palawan… I’ve been there!. And honestly, it is worth coming back. 🙂


Newest Addiction

DOTA (Defense Of The Ancient) released as of the moment their 6.73b map version including new hero/es and new item/s. Connecting to Garena, I can play online with different Asian people and Filipino friends. This has been my newest addiction. I’m very excited for another development on the game. See yah there fellas.

Engineering design failure. This is an example of a substandard way of construction. Civil Engineers must be very careful on their designs and project implementations, this example may lead to revoke their license.

Patienty waiting for the right time.

Picture of a man patiently waiting for a nice catch. He is a Fisherman.

Dallas Mavericks won over Miami Heat in the game 6 for the finals. Powerful players of Dallas Mavericks played the game like it is their last play. With 105-95 a ten-points lead for Dallas with a 4-2 standing ends the finals. Amazing Jason Terry scores 27 points in the game aids the mood  to dominate the game.

It is Dallas first ring and very memorable to all the fans and supporters and most importantly to all the Dallas players especially to a veteran player Jason Kidd because after this season Kidd will retire playing NBA. Congratulations DALLAS MAVERICKS! NBA CHAMPION! Dallas favorite Dirk Nowitzki is the MVP for this season. Emotional Dirk Nowitzki left the court crying with joy for his first ring. With the skills Nowitzki shown for this series undoubtedly he is proclaimed as the best player for this season.

Winning the season for Dallas is never been this easy but with confidence and trust with their teammates greatly sets the fire for the Dallas Mavericks to won over Miami Heat in the Championship. Congratulations Dallas Mavericks for a job well done!

This season’s NBA basketball finals is very unpredictable. The battle between Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat is such an interesting play-off. Dallas won the 5th game with a standing 3 -2. 3 wins for Dallas and 2 wins for Miami. I’m very excited for the 6th game to be played at Miami. Would there be game 7? or a sweet victory for Dallas Maverick?. I can’t wait for the next game.

Taebo is a sport

Taebo is the combination of Boxing, Taekwondo and Aerobic exercises, it is also a workout on how a person will communicate with its body and is also an exercise for the mind, body and spirit. In Korean language, the word Tae signifies the foot and leg which involves the movements on your lower body and the word Bo shortened word for box which involves your hand movements.

Taebo is a sport developed by Billy Blanks, a Taekwondo practitioner in 1976 and the sport became famous in the year 1990’s. This sport aims to train and develop not only our body but most importantly to enhance the mind, self-esteem, building self-confidence and helps fight depression and anxiety.

Taebo is a combine workout from the elements of punches and kicks of karate and martial arts, and hand movements of boxing. Taebo offer many benefits including weight loss, an hour of Taebo can lose you 500 to 800 calories. It also helps increase your cardiovascular fitness which is very beneficial to our muscles and blood pressure.

Another benefit of Taebo is the fact that it helps fighting osteoporosis because constant Taebo strengthens bones and advances the bone mineral absorption. It also develops your body to have a lean mass gain and increase muscular endurance. Moreover, Taebo enhances your balance and flexibility and it aids you to develop your coordination and speed.

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